How much is your price?


it comes to my attention recently that numbers of graduates from universities are still being unemployed. It’s not that they don’t have a good result. It’s not because they can’t compete with the rest. It’s not because of lack of technical skills.

The main root for this situation is the not readiness the graduates to get into the working world. According to the Hiring and recruitment agency (I have watched one on TV), the freshies seem to be unprepared, unable to communicate well during the interviews, In fact it is reported that some don’t even perfectly deliver when the interviewer asks “tell me about yourself”.

Realizing this issue and integrating with how much I want to help this group segment, I created this piece of writing hoping that it could serve as a guide for every body.

With a good “price tag” you put on yourself, it could make “employers” buy you for certain values you have in you

interview, job, communication

Communication and skills set are the key to price yourself higher


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