“Tell me about yourself?” phrase

What would you respond if the first ever question asked is “tell me about yourself?”

Some may want to tell about what is your hobby, what do you like to do, your schools and etc. Actually it depends on the type of interview or assessment you’re dealing with.

If it’s a chit chat session and the interviewer already mentioned,

“lets not talk about work first”..then it’s a signal for you to just LITERALLY tells about yourself, your family and everything that you think relates you well. However, don’t bore them. Add some spices into your words. Tell them something extraordinary that you do like Unique features such as composing songs, playing exotic instrumentals and you know what to tell.

On the other hand, if the interviewer ask you “tell me about yourself” with some serious tone and facial expression. This is when you need to get serious.

Keywords: Keep it brief, simple, and sweet! You DONT WANT to speak a lengthy description about you and make it boring.

Remember: It is the “attention getter” for your interview session. Put yourself in interviewer’s shoes, whether you want to listen to long story or sweet and spicy. It’s the first element to put your number on your price tag!

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself.

Sweet answer: Smart and disciplined oriented finance student who has achieved the best awards in college, and looking for employment in investment companies to blend what I have learnt into real practice.

Some interviewers love to ask a “follow thru” question; what you have said lead to next question. Don’t fall for this by bullshiting too much because the more you talk, the deeper you dig your own grave(dont BS if you dont know).


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