Email me okay!

Hello potential employees who are soon to be in a workforce,

it comes to my attention that this thing somewhat people often overlook about it. This is because it’s just a freaking email.

I believe 90% of us, we have at least one funny email.……and so on and so forth.I have come across numbers of different and fancy email.I too have one of those.LOL.Back then when we were kids and have a little knowledge what significance this email brings to our life.

Hey!look it again.
It’s advisable to use a proper and professional-look email for your application or hiring process.
Just imagine when the interviewer asked for your contact email and you replied:
“you can drop me an email at”

It’s never wrong to use that fancy email. However, some recruiters would measure your seriousness and professionalism in that manner.

So, take a look at your email. If you think you need to use different name, please revisit. Use your university email if you have one, like .edu..It might change the whole picture from other’s perception.

It’s a part of your value.


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