Strike it with Just ONE PAGE!

I remember I took a business advanced writing class back then in my university. My tutor during that time was Asian American. He’s been working with Chicago Newspaper and been writing a lot of business and professional papers.

First thing that he mentioned to me was the importance of having a great resume writing.I repeat, a great resume writing.

Let’s apply some of the concept here because I believe it’s the same everywhere.

Resume length: I was trained to have just ONE PAGE long resume. Yes its a one page.


1) Because as a recruiter, how long do you think they will read thru your 3 pages resume? How sure are you they will go thru line by line whatever you have written on that piece of paper.

Put yourself in their shoes. You have thousands of applicants resume to review. With different format and style. Having a shorter page meaning they could spend more time reviewing more areas on your resume as everything is written in just one page.

2) You might have written on your resume something you’re good at or skills:”Organized, concise and know how to prioritize works”. My friend, believe me, if you have that written on your resume, yet you are unable to have a “ONE PAGE” resume, it would definitely contradict with what you have mentioned.
Being organized and concise would mean that ability to cut it short and pick up the most/crucial points in your resume and choose a very strong and good words.
Well said. Indirectly, one page resume definitely proves your summary skills, organized, and conciseness.

3) The less you write, the less errors you would face. Think it easy. You don’t want to submit your resume that has numbers of grammatical errors, spelling errors or any other language errors. Minimize the cost of being judged by your own writing.

If you asked me, I would prefer to read out and scan a sweet, short, yet concise resume than 3 pages resume.

If you think this is helpful in your resume writing, feel free to share this with your peers.


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