Hey man, let’s meet up!

You check your email:

“You’ve been scheduled for an interview on Monday 2 weeks from tomorrow at 11am. Please bring all the documents for review”

First of all! Congratz you’re shortlisted. There’s something in you that the company wants to know more about you.

Now, how you’re gonna react on that!

Scared!? Better not!

Scared!? Better not!

1) Reply and accept your acknowledgement about the date and appointment proposed. If you can’t make it on the day, try to negotiate and suggest a new date. However,please be flexible. It’s not that you would interview someone.. It’s you who are going to be assessed or interviewed. So, DON’T ACT LIKE A BOSS asking people to follow for your dates availability!

2) Suit up, prepare, do some research on the interview that you’re going to attend. Several types interview that are very common in Malaysia. Behavioral, work experience, technical questions.Don’t get scared!

Hardest is Technical Questions where you may be required to write a coding line, plan a business projection on Excel, rectify certain errors on the Javascript programming. This requires high learning skills and for that, please measure yourself before over writing about yourself. If you can’t do Macro in Excel, don’t you ever put “Advance in Excel”. It’s so wrong and would leave a negative impact on you.You pay the price.

Behavioral is more laid back and relaxing. It’s more like describing yourself, what you want to achieve, and how do you see yourself in certain years from now.You decide it. Speak with your brains.

Same goes to working experience type interview.

4) During the interview, speak clearly. Answer what you’ve been asked, and don’t tell what you know. It would make the session lengthy. Smile and be clear. The first sentence is always the striking point!

5) Post Interview- It’s best if you could follow up by sending an email thanking the interviewer for spending time,allocating time to meet you. Who knows, with your email, it could touch the interview to the heart by your courtesy.

6) Important: Dont cry after the interview! LOL. It’s already done. Remember,if the job is meant to be yours, it would be yours no matter what. Keep on praying.

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Don’t cry over a split milk!

Remember these tips guys.

Share this with your friends if you think this helps for simple interview tips.


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