Remove your excess “what IF”

Some of you may be scared when attending the interview.

Nervous, nervous,nervous,unprepared!

You have so many questions popped out in your mind.

“what if they asked me difficult questions”

“what if they don’t agree with what I said”

“what if I can’t answer what they asked me”

“what if I look stupid and unprepared in front of them”

“what if I don’t get this job, will I die”

what if

what if

If you want me to list them down, bet It will take me the whole day.

This is what we call high concern about uncertainties.

We CANNOT always have this trait because it would stop us, prevent us from moving forward

We would keep triggering a lot of “what ifs” question which ends up would eat up our own vision.

For instance, you wanna invest some stocks. You have already done your analysis and you are about 80% sure you would get at least 10% return in one month.

However, your inner side keep asking “what if the stock’s price go down” or “what if suddenly market crash”.. Guess what, this stops you from investing.

I’d tell u buddy! We never know until we try. And please find me one thing in this world that has no risk! Even you walk, you have the risk of fell down or stumble.

This risk is what gives the insurance companies lots of million.

So why scared of taking risk? Why don’t you ignore your uncertainties questions.

I am not saying that is not correct. I never mentioned it’s wrong to have that trait.

Precaution is good! Over precaution is eating you. Over thinking would make you worry. Over confidence will make you arrogant. Just be moderate in your thinking and uncertainties.

Asking reasonable “what if” is such a powerful tool to trigger your mind to think more. To have more vision and dream

Now, it’s over to you.


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