You talk! It’s an Art

Let’s get it started with a phrase

“communication is an art”

Yes, it’s very true. At least in my eyes I dont want to challenge that.

I’ve noticed the importance of having a good and effective communication skills.

Art relates to our creativity, cognitive skills, human skills on how we perceive the communication

What you say should not hurt others

What you say should not hurt others

Believe it or not, in Malaysia alone, miscommunication is one of the leading factors for divorce cases. I don’t have the specific figure about it. But this is fairly enough to say as “communication” is taught whenever a couple wants to get married. The importance of communication has been stressed out and get in place in the special talk/course about communication related to marriage.

Communication breakddown

Communication breakddown

Because it’s an art, you have to know how to present your main ideas in a very good way at the same time not hurting other parties. Be creative and selective when it comes to choice of words that you use to speak to your couple.

Ladies and men communicate differently. As for men, they tend to say it out directly (straight to the face) and use direct words. Points are obviously and explicitly stated out! Less flowery or hidden meaning.Whereas, ladies prefer to use it on a very sublime and implicit way. Points are not reached and heard clearly by the guys. It’s the nature of both sides.

A man’s thought would tend to take it directly. So, for lady, don’t expect a man to understand fully what you said

For a man, please understand that when a lady says something, don’t blindly take what she says. Digest and dig deeper. There must be something untold that requires guy’s creativity to reveal it.

A girl mentioned this to her husband : “It’s so good to have that kinda of handbag, looks exclusive and stylish“.

Indirect meaning is usually would go like this :”I want that freaking handbag!

communication fail

I want that freaking handbag!

That’s the art of communication a lady has in term of delivering her message.

It’s different between creative communication and tell a lie!

Say you arrived home around 11.59pm. if your wife asked what time you reached home last night:

Don’t tell “11pm” because it’s lie. Tell her “11-ish” instead. You’re talking the truth. And it makes you look better in her eyes:)

Politicians/corporate leader are really creative in their words and communication.

Thus, if you want to learn more about being creative in your words, look at how these people talk. The use of language sounds promising. The tone of the voice sounds convincing. The move of the body shows high level of confidence.

Believe me, if you have this criterion, you can be a good leader.

You can tag your price higher! Learn to be creative. Learn to be bold! Don’t just regular


What’s your price?


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