Just be yourself

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Don’t afraid to dream big!


sorry it’s been a hectic week.

Have you ever heard about a story of a poor kid, who has been dreaming throughout his student life to work at one company?

It begins with “Just be yourself!”

Just be yourself

I will work there someday!

There was a kid, who everyday his father would send him and fetch him back from school. He comes from the not-so well to do family. His dad worked as a labor and his mum stayed at home to keep all the house things running.

Everyday on their way to school, they will surely pass this one building. A building that on top of it has the most recognized company logo in Malaysia. Everybody will surely know what the company does because it plays most important role in the country. As a small kid, looking at the giant building and people passing by in suit, he planted this dream that one day, I would walk in to that building, fitting the best suit I have, and dealing with people like what they do!

He knew that he must study hard, and do whatever it must to be one of the guy working in that building. He performed well in examination, managed to get honor recognition with one of the prestigious universities in Malaysia.
e managed to secure the interview after applying for a position in the company. That was the first company that he was trying to apply to get a full time position.
Before he went into the interview, his dad told him that:

“Son, I believe you will get this position, It’s what you’ve been wanting for past one decade”

just be Yourself, interview

It was an interview time. Everyone who attended the session was dressing like professional white collared workers. Being a children in a modest family, he seemed to have no opportunity to be in the same dress like everyone’s in the room. All he had was a necktie, which was given by his parent for graduation, also a folder that compile all his education related transcripts and certs.He knew that hiring does not value how much or expensive your dress. It measured how much you are good in presenting yourself and benefit the company.Never thought he was under dressed, he mingled around like a normal guy.Confident and eloquent.

As he was waiting in the room for his turn, one candidate, a guy walked out from the interview room.Walking out proudly, speaking with fluently american english accent, speak to his other friend, ” I am sure I can get this job”. However this did not stop him from doing what his heart has told me.He did not feel discouraged for what he heard.

His turn came in. He walked into the room. Three panelist were waiting for him. His heart was beating fast but still in his control.He did not want the interviewer to notice his emotion or nervousness going into the room.

Interview went on. Interviewers ask “Why you want to work here?”

This guy bravely mentioned “Because this is my dream and my father’s. I’d been seeing this beautiful building everyday on my way to school. My father kept telling me that one day I would work here so I could change our family’s condition. I am not an oversea graduate, but I believe that I have the criteria that could benefit your company. I also want to pay for all my dad’s kindness by trying hard to get into this company”.

It went well. The interview ended.He was 50-50 sure about getting the job.

2 weeks later, an email saying “congratulation, you’ve been chosen to join our company. Please report next month”.

He showed the email to his dad and the dad praised to Allah for making it a way for him and his family

If this guy has some courage to tell the true story, what stop us from not being ourselves. It is better to not lying that telling something untrue just to secure the job.

Just be yourself, don’t get intimidated by what others said because hey, the future is in your hand. Not theirs. All the best.


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