First world Mentality Education

Damn it! Ive started my day with this news:

World Reputation Rankings for Varsities

If you see in the list, we don’t have our national’s university ranked in top 30. Why so?

malaysian mentality, working from home, interview

A lot has been said regarding the education system in Malaysia. We keep chanting the words like our education system are better than the world. yet, my question is when do we see any malaysia’s varsity in the ranking?

One day, I would want to see it. I don’t mind if it’s in top 30. Even better if we could beat Harvard.

In my 2 cent opinion, it’s all about mentality. We, first must change or at least do something about Malaysian’ s mentality.

Let me give you one example: One prominent figure said: “It’s good if the ringgit is depreciated because it makes people buy our product more and attract more investors to import from Malaysia”

Oh come on. That’s now how you should think. You don’t want people to buy your product just because of the ringgit depreciation, instead produce high value quality products that people would still buy it regardless the value of the ringgit

Another silly example: We, as Malaysia have little courtesy over other people. We are rude, loves to stare other people, and we don’t have “Excuse me” in our life dictionary.

Malaysia mentality, ranking university

Don’t act like crab. One they see their friend crawling out from the bowl, someone will pull them down

If you dont believe what I said, go out commute on public transport especially LRT or Monorail. I once myself purposely stood right in front of the exit door, just to do some stupid research on : “How many Malaysian mention “Excuse me” when trying to make a way out”. Result? My null hypothesis is accepted with 0.95 confidence level.

Even if you have the best technologies or system, yet people are not capable of adapting to it, the mentality is still skeptical about changing, there might be such a waste of resource.

If you want to become number 1 or top 10, think like ONE, behave like ONE, resolve like ONE!

Note: Just for your little, my university is in the list.


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