College vs Office

Oh wow. I think some of you may have started as a fresh executive. You might be so proud of yourself (good for you), for joining the income tax contributor to your government.

You love your government so much until you want to pay so much money to the government.And as a taxpayer, you just hope for the best use of your tax money. You would hope that the government would maximize it to the fullest and benefit the whole society. Ameen. I wish that happened here.

Well. as much as you want to work when you’re study, the same feeling will develop after you’ve been working for certain amount of years. However, it’s the opposite of the first. You might want to go back to college life, go back to university life where you think you don’t need to have much commitment, car installment, housing mortgage and getting married.

Everyone feel the same way. Well if it’s not everyone, I know of someone. That’s me.

However one thing you should realize. Being student a will not always solve so many things. You’ve got exam that you would have to face. You’ve gotta stay in dorm where some of them might not be as cozy as your house. Unless your family is super rich, you have limited resources of money so your needs will not always be met.

Working aint bad after all. You make new friends, get new colleagues, meeting up new clients, and the best part is, you will earn money and give some money back to your parent.Its repayment time. Though they will always keep saying its okay son, you need money more than we do.

Listen, It’s not about the amount, it’s the thought that counts. You have them in your heart and first thing when you get your salary, it’s them you would share the moment with.

Guess what, that’s very important for you to find the job that you love! Do what you love because working in office ( sitting at your desk) all day along for about 40 hours per week is the big chunk portion of your time. So I am sure you don’t want to do something that tortures you.

Remember: College life indeed is the best time in my life, however we’ve gotta bid and say goodbye as we are moving into different phase of our life.


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