WTH!Scared of your interview?


Scare is the big word in the interview world.

Imagine if you’re scared over a thing, you cannot say and talk properly. Worse, you pissed your pants several times. LOL

interview nightmare

Don’t get scared!

So, you must know how to not scare on your interview.

Let me ask you a thing, what make you scared for your interview?

If you said because of the interviewer, hey Look again whether your interviewer is ghost or some supernatural beings. Or check whether your interviewer sucks your blood. If one of these checked, you might have the reason to get scared. Otherwise, just stay calm.  They are just human. They eat, they sleep, they pissed, they love, and they have a family too. You and your interviewer share the same world. Why must you scared o’ them?

So, the only thing that might make you scared is unprepar

edness to face the uncertainties. WTH is that! It is so negative words. Double’ un-‘s.  remember negative meets negative would turn into positive. So bear with it.

If you think you come unprepared for the interview, just stay calm. TAKE A DEEP BREATH.SLOWLY BREATH OUT. This way you can control your blood and oxygen circulation that would indirectly control your heart beat

Another way to fight for your scared or nervousness, you may want to consider this tip. LISTEN TO MUSICS

Why do you think God might have sent Beethoven, Pachalbel, Mozart and likes to earth?

My answer is: To bestow upon Human one of the wonderful arts called music.

Mozart, Interview tips

Don’t scare. Mozart will keep you smile.

They don’t create music for nothing. Their melodies are still famously known until now.These guys are gifted in their field. So


don’t waste this resource.

You already have thousands of songs/melody/rhythm/beats/ that you can listen to. On top of that, Apple, Sony, Samsung and other giants tech have made life so much easier for you by providing the so called iPod or music player in your phone. Utilize them.

The tip is: Try listen to these kinds of music. Musics that have a slow beat of drum, harmony musical arrangement, melancholy. Listening to the slow beat of music repeatedly will slow down your heart beat. Your mind will send the signals to your heart that goes like this:

“Hey heart, chill out man, why so rush, listen to this slow beat. Go slow”.

Thus, it would make your less nervous and scared.

Eureka! Now, you’re ready to nail down the interviewers!


Heart Goes Right!Don’t turn left!

In 2013, the unemployment rate in Malaysia was 3.3%

What do you think of that number?Big? Small? Moderate?

There are a lot of medium for job searching in Malaysia. Jobstreet.com, Jobtact.com, Talent Corp and etc. In fact you can go to the Career fair that is actively held over the year for employers to look for the candidates.

jobs malaysia, resume, interview,

Jobstreet is among the top engine.

You first must, however, design a creative and great resume.

There are thousands of openings and opportunities that you can find. You can also subscribe to the email and it will automatically notify you jobs that fit your preferences.

resume, job, malaysia

Programmer, as you wish

Finance, computer science, sales, marketing. The lists go on. It’s up to you to choose and look for which is the most interesting job that you want to give it a try.

Here comes the part where some of us may have conflict choosing a job.

I have a friend, who is a Nuclear Engineering graduate, and end up working in Aviation Industry

I have a friend, who is an Actuarial Science graduate, top Class, who is happily doing property sales.

In Malaysia, you would not always get the job you want. Some may say the paper that so called “degree” is just an platform to enter to the career world. Then the truth of this statement will appear to be true:

“You’ve gotta love what you do”.

In contrast, before we started looking for a job, we might have chanted these words: “I’ve gotta do what I love”. The whole paradigm changes 360 degree. And so does your career path.

What your heart says, it is always the best. If you think you are no longer in your correct path, back to the old track. Don’t lie to yourself ends up it would put too much pressure and stress on you.

If your heart wanted you to go for sales because you’re good at presenting, go ahead. Find a property developer and become an authorised agent. Car agent would be another option. Sales aint easy job. It’s one of the toughest and remember this, Most of the top billionaires in the world used to become a salesman before.

resume, jobs, salesman

Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar was a salesman before.

If you think you enjoy doing programming, get a job in Tech company.Accenture, Misc, to name a few.

If your heart directs you towards art, you’re welcome to become a fashion designer or photographer. In fact these career nowadays pay handsomely.Why bother not to consider?

Some classify the job based on the pay salary. Some prefer it to look prestigious. Some choose it based on the job description. Whatever your decision are, consult your heart.

Do what you must my friend!

Love your heart!

Whether you like it or not,
you have to admit this fact,
that everybody in this world, as a normal world,
we are blessed to have a “place” in our wonderful body,

its in your hand!

its in your hand!

The ‘part’ that become the major determinant what you would turn into
The ‘part’ that acts like a driving force that direct us to the location our mind chose
The ‘part’ that decides what you are going to do,
From there, it goes to mind, and from Mind, it goes all the way down to action.

That little piece in our body is our “Heart”.
With Heart, one is able to ‘see’ the world
With Heart, one is able to ‘feel’ other’s pain
With Heart, one is able to ‘think’ what is right and when to strike
With Heart, one is able to touch other “Heart”.
That’s the reason Heart can talk to other Heart.

Heart touches people,
Heart taps emotion,
Heart brings out affection,
Heart triggers feeling.

Heart never lie.
Heart knows what you want.
Follow your heart because heart comes from the inside.

heart, interview

Love your heart!

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has once said:

‘Surely there is in the body a small piece of flesh; if it is good, the whole body is good, and if it is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted, and that is surely the heart’.
Related by Imam Bukhārī in his sahih

Heart your heart!

Just be yourself

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Don’t afraid to dream big!


sorry it’s been a hectic week.

Have you ever heard about a story of a poor kid, who has been dreaming throughout his student life to work at one company?

It begins with “Just be yourself!”

Just be yourself

I will work there someday!

There was a kid, who everyday his father would send him and fetch him back from school. He comes from the not-so well to do family. His dad worked as a labor and his mum stayed at home to keep all the house things running.

Everyday on their way to school, they will surely pass this one building. A building that on top of it has the most recognized company logo in Malaysia. Everybody will surely know what the company does because it plays most important role in the country. As a small kid, looking at the giant building and people passing by in suit, he planted this dream that one day, I would walk in to that building, fitting the best suit I have, and dealing with people like what they do!

He knew that he must study hard, and do whatever it must to be one of the guy working in that building. He performed well in examination, managed to get honor recognition with one of the prestigious universities in Malaysia.
e managed to secure the interview after applying for a position in the company. That was the first company that he was trying to apply to get a full time position.
Before he went into the interview, his dad told him that:

“Son, I believe you will get this position, It’s what you’ve been wanting for past one decade”

just be Yourself, interview

It was an interview time. Everyone who attended the session was dressing like professional white collared workers. Being a children in a modest family, he seemed to have no opportunity to be in the same dress like everyone’s in the room. All he had was a necktie, which was given by his parent for graduation, also a folder that compile all his education related transcripts and certs.He knew that hiring does not value how much or expensive your dress. It measured how much you are good in presenting yourself and benefit the company.Never thought he was under dressed, he mingled around like a normal guy.Confident and eloquent.

As he was waiting in the room for his turn, one candidate, a guy walked out from the interview room.Walking out proudly, speaking with fluently american english accent, speak to his other friend, ” I am sure I can get this job”. However this did not stop him from doing what his heart has told me.He did not feel discouraged for what he heard.

His turn came in. He walked into the room. Three panelist were waiting for him. His heart was beating fast but still in his control.He did not want the interviewer to notice his emotion or nervousness going into the room.

Interview went on. Interviewers ask “Why you want to work here?”

This guy bravely mentioned “Because this is my dream and my father’s. I’d been seeing this beautiful building everyday on my way to school. My father kept telling me that one day I would work here so I could change our family’s condition. I am not an oversea graduate, but I believe that I have the criteria that could benefit your company. I also want to pay for all my dad’s kindness by trying hard to get into this company”.

It went well. The interview ended.He was 50-50 sure about getting the job.

2 weeks later, an email saying “congratulation, you’ve been chosen to join our company. Please report next month”.

He showed the email to his dad and the dad praised to Allah for making it a way for him and his family

If this guy has some courage to tell the true story, what stop us from not being ourselves. It is better to not lying that telling something untrue just to secure the job.

Just be yourself, don’t get intimidated by what others said because hey, the future is in your hand. Not theirs. All the best.

You talk! It’s an Art

Let’s get it started with a phrase

“communication is an art”

Yes, it’s very true. At least in my eyes I dont want to challenge that.

I’ve noticed the importance of having a good and effective communication skills.

Art relates to our creativity, cognitive skills, human skills on how we perceive the communication

What you say should not hurt others

What you say should not hurt others

Believe it or not, in Malaysia alone, miscommunication is one of the leading factors for divorce cases. I don’t have the specific figure about it. But this is fairly enough to say as “communication” is taught whenever a couple wants to get married. The importance of communication has been stressed out and get in place in the special talk/course about communication related to marriage.

Communication breakddown

Communication breakddown

Because it’s an art, you have to know how to present your main ideas in a very good way at the same time not hurting other parties. Be creative and selective when it comes to choice of words that you use to speak to your couple.

Ladies and men communicate differently. As for men, they tend to say it out directly (straight to the face) and use direct words. Points are obviously and explicitly stated out! Less flowery or hidden meaning.Whereas, ladies prefer to use it on a very sublime and implicit way. Points are not reached and heard clearly by the guys. It’s the nature of both sides.

A man’s thought would tend to take it directly. So, for lady, don’t expect a man to understand fully what you said

For a man, please understand that when a lady says something, don’t blindly take what she says. Digest and dig deeper. There must be something untold that requires guy’s creativity to reveal it.

A girl mentioned this to her husband : “It’s so good to have that kinda of handbag, looks exclusive and stylish“.

Indirect meaning is usually would go like this :”I want that freaking handbag!

communication fail

I want that freaking handbag!

That’s the art of communication a lady has in term of delivering her message.

It’s different between creative communication and tell a lie!

Say you arrived home around 11.59pm. if your wife asked what time you reached home last night:

Don’t tell “11pm” because it’s lie. Tell her “11-ish” instead. You’re talking the truth. And it makes you look better in her eyes:)

Politicians/corporate leader are really creative in their words and communication.

Thus, if you want to learn more about being creative in your words, look at how these people talk. The use of language sounds promising. The tone of the voice sounds convincing. The move of the body shows high level of confidence.

Believe me, if you have this criterion, you can be a good leader.

You can tag your price higher! Learn to be creative. Learn to be bold! Don’t just regular


What’s your price?

Hey man, let’s meet up!

You check your email:

“You’ve been scheduled for an interview on Monday 2 weeks from tomorrow at 11am. Please bring all the documents for review”

First of all! Congratz you’re shortlisted. There’s something in you that the company wants to know more about you.

Now, how you’re gonna react on that!

Scared!? Better not!

Scared!? Better not!

1) Reply and accept your acknowledgement about the date and appointment proposed. If you can’t make it on the day, try to negotiate and suggest a new date. However,please be flexible. It’s not that you would interview someone.. It’s you who are going to be assessed or interviewed. So, DON’T ACT LIKE A BOSS asking people to follow for your dates availability!

2) Suit up, prepare, do some research on the interview that you’re going to attend. Several types interview that are very common in Malaysia. Behavioral, work experience, technical questions.Don’t get scared!

Hardest is Technical Questions where you may be required to write a coding line, plan a business projection on Excel, rectify certain errors on the Javascript programming. This requires high learning skills and for that, please measure yourself before over writing about yourself. If you can’t do Macro in Excel, don’t you ever put “Advance in Excel”. It’s so wrong and would leave a negative impact on you.You pay the price.

Behavioral is more laid back and relaxing. It’s more like describing yourself, what you want to achieve, and how do you see yourself in certain years from now.You decide it. Speak with your brains.

Same goes to working experience type interview.

4) During the interview, speak clearly. Answer what you’ve been asked, and don’t tell what you know. It would make the session lengthy. Smile and be clear. The first sentence is always the striking point!

5) Post Interview- It’s best if you could follow up by sending an email thanking the interviewer for spending time,allocating time to meet you. Who knows, with your email, it could touch the interview to the heart by your courtesy.

6) Important: Dont cry after the interview! LOL. It’s already done. Remember,if the job is meant to be yours, it would be yours no matter what. Keep on praying.

Interview tips, jobs interview

Don’t cry over a split milk!

Remember these tips guys.

Share this with your friends if you think this helps for simple interview tips.

6 Awesome Things Must Do for Resume

How confident are you with your Resume writing skills? Example of simple resume that have all the points for easy reading! Follow this

I once also not a good resume writer, in fact until now I am still practicing and researching what type of resume that could catch a reader’s attention just in one read.

You have noted why it is important to have just one page . You don’t want to shift your reader’s attention.

Blend it well, Spice it up, and put some hot source in it.

Let me tell you some tips that things you MUST do and you Must Have in your resume.

1) You must have the objective/mission/purpose– this is what would be on the first page. Objective must be clear! No objective, meaning you have no mission and unclear about your hunting process.

2) Please make a bullet points and emphasis (like bold) the area main point-this to make such an easy reading experience. Main points could also be spotted easily.

3) Place your priority on your resume– This is very important because the higher you put on your resume, the easier people can read and find it.If you think your academic achievement is something that you think your strength and outstanding, you may want to put that on the very first line after objective.

However, if you think your CGPA is not as good as others, it’s okay not to show it off. Show your some other work or internship experience. That can put some gravy on your resume

4) Like computer, resume also has its own language. Computer use C++, Javascript, HTML, css. Resume also has its own language style.Choose strong words, professional words, and make present tense sentences. This is very important because it shows your ability to pick the best word to describe you. For instance, if you want to describe:

“I used to lead a team”..you can say “manage a team
“I look monthly the performance”..you may say “Observe or monitor performance”

Don’t use jargon or complex words. Everybody loves it simple. You can check what kind of resume words that you want to use here!

5) Add some spices and herbs by PUTTING NUMBERS or FIGURES.. It really helps! It attracts readers.

Why?Give your resume’s readers eyes a break. They’ve been seeing words, and letters. Give them a chance to see numbers. Numbers always good. Even in marketing also, numbers would increase awareness. Remember to put what you have achieved in term of numbers.

For instance: “Managed a finance project, case study to monitor a company worth USD2billion.”
Numbers spice it up and give more credibility.

6) Just put the recent achievement, like less than 5 years. Don’t put your primary school achievement. It is somewhat irrelevant to who you are now. 5 years ago, you could be a different person from what you are now! things have changed and you dont want to put the necessaries info on your resume!

Cut it half and short, Whats important make it sweet!

If you think this helps you a bit, please share with your friends.

Together we could make ourselves more expensive and put a higher number on our price tag!

Number is part of your price tag too! Don’t forget!

How much is your price?


it comes to my attention recently that numbers of graduates from universities are still being unemployed. It’s not that they don’t have a good result. It’s not because they can’t compete with the rest. It’s not because of lack of technical skills.

The main root for this situation is the not readiness the graduates to get into the working world. According to the Hiring and recruitment agency (I have watched one on TV), the freshies seem to be unprepared, unable to communicate well during the interviews, In fact it is reported that some don’t even perfectly deliver when the interviewer asks “tell me about yourself”.

Realizing this issue and integrating with how much I want to help this group segment, I created this piece of writing hoping that it could serve as a guide for every body.

With a good “price tag” you put on yourself, it could make “employers” buy you for certain values you have in you

interview, job, communication

Communication and skills set are the key to price yourself higher