I dare you to try one of these!

Recently I’ve come across with one of the webpage that summarize interesting knowledge.

Just something to wonder: Human, we are so creative to invent something, even to torture others.

If your interview session would go something like this, you so have valid reason to get scared of it!

Even so, have a good communication so you can convince them not to torture you that way!

Enjoy reading. Here it goes top 25 list.!

Sounds scary, but it’s pretty much informative


Click the picture if you dare…..

Click if you dare!

Click if you dare!



WTH!Scared of your interview?


Scare is the big word in the interview world.

Imagine if you’re scared over a thing, you cannot say and talk properly. Worse, you pissed your pants several times. LOL

interview nightmare

Don’t get scared!

So, you must know how to not scare on your interview.

Let me ask you a thing, what make you scared for your interview?

If you said because of the interviewer, hey Look again whether your interviewer is ghost or some supernatural beings. Or check whether your interviewer sucks your blood. If one of these checked, you might have the reason to get scared. Otherwise, just stay calm.  They are just human. They eat, they sleep, they pissed, they love, and they have a family too. You and your interviewer share the same world. Why must you scared o’ them?

So, the only thing that might make you scared is unprepar

edness to face the uncertainties. WTH is that! It is so negative words. Double’ un-‘s.  remember negative meets negative would turn into positive. So bear with it.

If you think you come unprepared for the interview, just stay calm. TAKE A DEEP BREATH.SLOWLY BREATH OUT. This way you can control your blood and oxygen circulation that would indirectly control your heart beat

Another way to fight for your scared or nervousness, you may want to consider this tip. LISTEN TO MUSICS

Why do you think God might have sent Beethoven, Pachalbel, Mozart and likes to earth?

My answer is: To bestow upon Human one of the wonderful arts called music.

Mozart, Interview tips

Don’t scare. Mozart will keep you smile.

They don’t create music for nothing. Their melodies are still famously known until now.These guys are gifted in their field. So


don’t waste this resource.

You already have thousands of songs/melody/rhythm/beats/ that you can listen to. On top of that, Apple, Sony, Samsung and other giants tech have made life so much easier for you by providing the so called iPod or music player in your phone. Utilize them.

The tip is: Try listen to these kinds of music. Musics that have a slow beat of drum, harmony musical arrangement, melancholy. Listening to the slow beat of music repeatedly will slow down your heart beat. Your mind will send the signals to your heart that goes like this:

“Hey heart, chill out man, why so rush, listen to this slow beat. Go slow”.

Thus, it would make your less nervous and scared.

Eureka! Now, you’re ready to nail down the interviewers!

You talk! It’s an Art

Let’s get it started with a phrase

“communication is an art”

Yes, it’s very true. At least in my eyes I dont want to challenge that.

I’ve noticed the importance of having a good and effective communication skills.

Art relates to our creativity, cognitive skills, human skills on how we perceive the communication

What you say should not hurt others

What you say should not hurt others

Believe it or not, in Malaysia alone, miscommunication is one of the leading factors for divorce cases. I don’t have the specific figure about it. But this is fairly enough to say as “communication” is taught whenever a couple wants to get married. The importance of communication has been stressed out and get in place in the special talk/course about communication related to marriage.

Communication breakddown

Communication breakddown

Because it’s an art, you have to know how to present your main ideas in a very good way at the same time not hurting other parties. Be creative and selective when it comes to choice of words that you use to speak to your couple.

Ladies and men communicate differently. As for men, they tend to say it out directly (straight to the face) and use direct words. Points are obviously and explicitly stated out! Less flowery or hidden meaning.Whereas, ladies prefer to use it on a very sublime and implicit way. Points are not reached and heard clearly by the guys. It’s the nature of both sides.

A man’s thought would tend to take it directly. So, for lady, don’t expect a man to understand fully what you said

For a man, please understand that when a lady says something, don’t blindly take what she says. Digest and dig deeper. There must be something untold that requires guy’s creativity to reveal it.

A girl mentioned this to her husband : “It’s so good to have that kinda of handbag, looks exclusive and stylish“.

Indirect meaning is usually would go like this :”I want that freaking handbag!

communication fail

I want that freaking handbag!

That’s the art of communication a lady has in term of delivering her message.

It’s different between creative communication and tell a lie!

Say you arrived home around 11.59pm. if your wife asked what time you reached home last night:

Don’t tell “11pm” because it’s lie. Tell her “11-ish” instead. You’re talking the truth. And it makes you look better in her eyes:)

Politicians/corporate leader are really creative in their words and communication.

Thus, if you want to learn more about being creative in your words, look at how these people talk. The use of language sounds promising. The tone of the voice sounds convincing. The move of the body shows high level of confidence.

Believe me, if you have this criterion, you can be a good leader.

You can tag your price higher! Learn to be creative. Learn to be bold! Don’t just regular


What’s your price?

6 Awesome Things Must Do for Resume

How confident are you with your Resume writing skills? Example of simple resume that have all the points for easy reading! Follow this

I once also not a good resume writer, in fact until now I am still practicing and researching what type of resume that could catch a reader’s attention just in one read.

You have noted why it is important to have just one page . You don’t want to shift your reader’s attention.

Blend it well, Spice it up, and put some hot source in it.

Let me tell you some tips that things you MUST do and you Must Have in your resume.

1) You must have the objective/mission/purpose– this is what would be on the first page. Objective must be clear! No objective, meaning you have no mission and unclear about your hunting process.

2) Please make a bullet points and emphasis (like bold) the area main point-this to make such an easy reading experience. Main points could also be spotted easily.

3) Place your priority on your resume– This is very important because the higher you put on your resume, the easier people can read and find it.If you think your academic achievement is something that you think your strength and outstanding, you may want to put that on the very first line after objective.

However, if you think your CGPA is not as good as others, it’s okay not to show it off. Show your some other work or internship experience. That can put some gravy on your resume

4) Like computer, resume also has its own language. Computer use C++, Javascript, HTML, css. Resume also has its own language style.Choose strong words, professional words, and make present tense sentences. This is very important because it shows your ability to pick the best word to describe you. For instance, if you want to describe:

“I used to lead a team”..you can say “manage a team
“I look monthly the performance”..you may say “Observe or monitor performance”

Don’t use jargon or complex words. Everybody loves it simple. You can check what kind of resume words that you want to use here!

5) Add some spices and herbs by PUTTING NUMBERS or FIGURES.. It really helps! It attracts readers.

Why?Give your resume’s readers eyes a break. They’ve been seeing words, and letters. Give them a chance to see numbers. Numbers always good. Even in marketing also, numbers would increase awareness. Remember to put what you have achieved in term of numbers.

For instance: “Managed a finance project, case study to monitor a company worth USD2billion.”
Numbers spice it up and give more credibility.

6) Just put the recent achievement, like less than 5 years. Don’t put your primary school achievement. It is somewhat irrelevant to who you are now. 5 years ago, you could be a different person from what you are now! things have changed and you dont want to put the necessaries info on your resume!

Cut it half and short, Whats important make it sweet!

If you think this helps you a bit, please share with your friends.

Together we could make ourselves more expensive and put a higher number on our price tag!

Number is part of your price tag too! Don’t forget!

Strike it with Just ONE PAGE!

I remember I took a business advanced writing class back then in my university. My tutor during that time was Asian American. He’s been working with Chicago Newspaper and been writing a lot of business and professional papers.

First thing that he mentioned to me was the importance of having a great resume writing.I repeat, a great resume writing.

Let’s apply some of the concept here because I believe it’s the same everywhere.

Resume length: I was trained to have just ONE PAGE long resume. Yes its a one page.


1) Because as a recruiter, how long do you think they will read thru your 3 pages resume? How sure are you they will go thru line by line whatever you have written on that piece of paper.

Put yourself in their shoes. You have thousands of applicants resume to review. With different format and style. Having a shorter page meaning they could spend more time reviewing more areas on your resume as everything is written in just one page.

2) You might have written on your resume something you’re good at or skills:”Organized, concise and know how to prioritize works”. My friend, believe me, if you have that written on your resume, yet you are unable to have a “ONE PAGE” resume, it would definitely contradict with what you have mentioned.
Being organized and concise would mean that ability to cut it short and pick up the most/crucial points in your resume and choose a very strong and good words.
Well said. Indirectly, one page resume definitely proves your summary skills, organized, and conciseness.

3) The less you write, the less errors you would face. Think it easy. You don’t want to submit your resume that has numbers of grammatical errors, spelling errors or any other language errors. Minimize the cost of being judged by your own writing.

If you asked me, I would prefer to read out and scan a sweet, short, yet concise resume than 3 pages resume.

If you think this is helpful in your resume writing, feel free to share this with your peers.