WTH!Scared of your interview?


Scare is the big word in the interview world.

Imagine if you’re scared over a thing, you cannot say and talk properly. Worse, you pissed your pants several times. LOL

interview nightmare

Don’t get scared!

So, you must know how to not scare on your interview.

Let me ask you a thing, what make you scared for your interview?

If you said because of the interviewer, hey Look again whether your interviewer is ghost or some supernatural beings. Or check whether your interviewer sucks your blood. If one of these checked, you might have the reason to get scared. Otherwise, just stay calm.  They are just human. They eat, they sleep, they pissed, they love, and they have a family too. You and your interviewer share the same world. Why must you scared o’ them?

So, the only thing that might make you scared is unprepar

edness to face the uncertainties. WTH is that! It is so negative words. Double’ un-‘s.  remember negative meets negative would turn into positive. So bear with it.

If you think you come unprepared for the interview, just stay calm. TAKE A DEEP BREATH.SLOWLY BREATH OUT. This way you can control your blood and oxygen circulation that would indirectly control your heart beat

Another way to fight for your scared or nervousness, you may want to consider this tip. LISTEN TO MUSICS

Why do you think God might have sent Beethoven, Pachalbel, Mozart and likes to earth?

My answer is: To bestow upon Human one of the wonderful arts called music.

Mozart, Interview tips

Don’t scare. Mozart will keep you smile.

They don’t create music for nothing. Their melodies are still famously known until now.These guys are gifted in their field. So


don’t waste this resource.

You already have thousands of songs/melody/rhythm/beats/ that you can listen to. On top of that, Apple, Sony, Samsung and other giants tech have made life so much easier for you by providing the so called iPod or music player in your phone. Utilize them.

The tip is: Try listen to these kinds of music. Musics that have a slow beat of drum, harmony musical arrangement, melancholy. Listening to the slow beat of music repeatedly will slow down your heart beat. Your mind will send the signals to your heart that goes like this:

“Hey heart, chill out man, why so rush, listen to this slow beat. Go slow”.

Thus, it would make your less nervous and scared.

Eureka! Now, you’re ready to nail down the interviewers!



Seems like everybody’s got a price,

I wonder how they sleep at night

When the sale comes first and the truth comes second

just stop a minute and smile

Excerpt from Jessie J-Price Tag

In this world, you have a price for yourself.

I have a price for myself.  And so do you. It’s what you want to get paid for what you do. It can called as “business” too.


What’s your price?

Some may argue it’s not for sale. Some may think they price themselves too low. Some overpriced themselves.

Different people comes with different package.

PRICE is what someone’s willingness to pay in exchange to get the value that could make their life better.

For instance, Apple Inc price its Iphone, starting from USD199. I would say it’s expensive. However, they managed to make sales. In fact, a big sales!. Just an opening weekend, they sold over 9million iphones 5C and 5 combined.

Why?? Because customers want the values that Iphone would bring to their life? What are the values? If you asked me, I would say “exclusivity and prestige”. Some may want its design and interface values. It’s up to individual.After all, no matter how expensive the price would be, if the value gained are well compensated, trust me it’s a good buy.

Same as career world!

So let’s transform ourselves into “Apple” pricing strategy. Add in more values in ourselves. So we can tag the price higher. Employers would want to pay us to get full use of our values.

You=”apple Iphone”



Please don’t miss the boat. It’s never wrong to put a higher pricetag provided the values you provide would maximize the employer’s performance.

Be smart, value yourself more, be bold, be italic,